Have you seen the beautiful colors that have been popping up here and there recently? The leaves are changing! I was driving to church last Sunday and I had to take a second to enjoy some of nature's beauty- Heavenly's Father's paint brush at work....as it were. :0) I took these pictures in Kaliningrad, Russia while I was on my mission. There were just so many picture taking opportunities. Fall at its best! :) 
On the streets of KGrad
On the street near the beautiful branch house. :)
 The weather has been so lovely that I hate to see it get cooler but with the cold weather comes great things like holidays (halloween, thanksgiving, & Christmas!!!), holiday goodies and winter activities. ;) But I don't want to wish time would fly by. I just want to enjoy each new day as it comes. 
I just love this saying. It seems appropriate since we've been having rain off and on for awhile now. 
11/11/2009 09:51:03 am

Nice pictures! Fall is so colorful and it's fun to walk in the crunchy leaves. :)


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