Yesterday I spent the entire day up in SLC at the Grand America Hotel and boy, tis grand indeed! Even the bathroom stalls have crystal chandeliers in them. It really is a 5-star hotel. I was there to help out some friends of mine from school with filming of the Governor's Summit. One of my friends works for the company Media One. Their company is one of the biggest sponsors of the summit so we were hired on by them to help film the summit. :) 
Grand America Hotel
We filmed Governor Herbert give his keynote address and other keynote speakers and sessions. It was quite a big summit with lots of CEO's of big businesses and institutions. Plus lots of press people. I learned a few tips about starting a business which will come in handy with Emma and I starting "Quotable Photo". It was a long day, starting at around 3am ( I couldn't sleep the whole night 'cause I was afraid I would sleep through my alarm) until about 9:30pm when I got home. My body was achy and tired but it was a good day overall and I did get some yummy food and learned more about business. 

3/31/2010 05:46:09

What a day! I've been to the little america hotel (for John's work party last december) and I guess it's not as fancy as the one you filmed in. But still fancy. Sounds like you had a great learning experience. What job(s) did you do?? I don't think I could've lasted that long of a day. Wow. :) Yay for Katie!! :) See ya on tv this saturday!


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