This is the other half of the 'Random Things List' that I posted on my facebook account. I tend to ramble on so I split up the list. Enjoy!

16.    “You’ve got mail”—I love getting email or snail mail or text messages. It’s kind of sad but I get all giddy when I check my mail and see messages for me. 

17.    “Wii-yeah!”—I have been trying to get back into my regular exercise routine ‘cause ever since I graduated it’s gone down hill. Wii-Fit is great with the yoga and the strength training. I’ve also been going to the track with my sisters when I can.

18.    “A Book?!”—It’s so nice that I have time now to read books that aren’t textbooks. I’m currently reading ‘ The Candy Shop War’ by Brandon Mull. Fun Story. ☺ Don’t tell me how it ends if you’ve already read it. I’m almost done.

19.    “I ‘shoot’ people”—I love to take pictures. I was actually majoring in Photography before my mission. Having a digital camera really helps with getting photos on my laptop. I’m trying to get a negative scanner to get my old photos online. I have a huge bag of negatives from my mission that I still want to get scanned.

20.     “Secret’s in the sauce”—Winger’s sticky fingers are the BEST!. (They’re boneless chicken fingers smothered in winger’s special sauce). YUM, soo good. They’re up there with the Orange Chicken. *drool…*

21.    “B-B-Q”—Summer family BBQ’s are so much fun. I love the smells, the atmosphere, the games....yeah!

22.    “Top of the mornin’ to ya”—I occasionally spout out in a British, Scottish, Aussie, or Pirate accent just for kicks. I’m probably not very authentic but it sure is fun. ;) I can listen to an authentic accent for hours.

23.    “I’m free”—Going on the accent theme, I’m a fan of British comedies and sci-fi like Doctor Who.  Laughs and the accents….great stuff.

24.    “A Pod for all seasons”—Yeah, I love my iPod’s. I love music and so if I’m walking or cleaning or cooking or whatever…I usually have the pods in my ears. Hopefully they aren’t apart of some kind of alien takeover like what happened in that Doctor Who episode. Wo, that was wild.

25.    “ Yes, fast passes”—Disneyland is just so….magical. ;) Whenever I’m there, I try to ignore the wall-to-wall people, the heat and the walking and just ‘go to my happy place’. Of course, it’s usually more fun with great family and friends around you.

26.    “ Pioneer Trek”—I have a goal to go on a whole church history tour. I’ve been brushing up on my church history lately and it just makes my desire grow and grow. I’ve never been to the east and I’d love to see it along with the history sites. *sigh* one day…

27.    “You rise, You shine”—Yeah, I’m not really what you’d call a ‘morning person’. I would rather stay up late than get up early to do something.  I’m actually trying to get to bed earlier so that I can get up earlier. It’s a work in progress. ☺

Kari W
2/16/2009 02:59:01 am

Read it! Love it!

2/16/2009 01:49:44 pm

Katie - I'm amazed by your talents too. And I love your randomness! Miss you!


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