That quote from 'My big fat greek wedding' always comes to mind when I think of the fact that I'm engaged. Yes, you heard right....I'm Engaged! Wild huh? I'll put the whole story about how that came to be on my new 'Aaron&Katie' site. It's so weird to even say that. Two months ago I would never have thought that I'd be getting married in October. It's all so sudden, crazy wonderful and exciting all rolled into one. 
Anyway, Aaron asked me out at the end of May and proposed officially on Friday, July 23rd up at the reflecting pool on Temple Square. 
I'm so surprised!
We picked out a ring on the following monday and he brought it over and gave it to me that night. More to come...... :) 
7/31/2010 12:25:14

Oooh, looove the pictures and the ring is sooo pretty! Congrats! What a cute couple you two are! :) Did you know him before he asked you out? How did you meet? Can't wait for more of your exciting story!


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