Hey! I'm finally back on my blog. Summer has been fun and crazy and it's time to share a bit about what I've been doing. So, the last entry was about the 4th of July (my, my it has been awhile) so let's talk about the rest of July and August. 
July was fun b/c it was my birthday month and my brother Erik and his family came over from Georgia to visit. We did so many things it was awesome. I think that the trip to Jump On It for Lizzy's birthday was one of my favorite days. Jump On It is a place where they have tons of trampolines and you can literally jump around the room. What a GREAT workout! 
Girls Night Out for my Bday!
Having a Jumpin' good time!
Oh, and we finally updated our family picture after 7 years. Of course, the day we have them taken I was recovering from the stomach flu. *sigh* Although, I have been told that it doesn't show in the photos.....thank goodness! 
August was lovely as well. I went down to Cedar City for the Shakespearean Festival which was wonderful. I love SUU's campus. It makes me feel as if I'm walking through a Shakespearean park. 
Chillin' with Shakespeare
After the Festival, we headed further south to the Grand Canyon which was quite breathtaking. The view was spectacular! It's amazing to think that people come from all around the world to see these National Parks and I'm lucky enough to be so close to them. 
At the Grand Canyon
I feel rather silly posting so many pictures of just myself but hey....it's my blog and I haven't posted for awhile.  More later...............


09/10/2009 20:39

Hey Katie! Fun pictures! I think I've been to that Jumping place...did it have a pit of foam blocks (instead of balls)?


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