Disneyland is one of my most favorite places to be but when you're not feeling well......it kind of puts a damper on things. My brother Karl and his wife Hannah invited me to accompany their family to Disneyland for Spring Break. It was just lovely when we began our stay there (except for all of the other people there that had the same idea we had---there were tons!) but sickness soon began to break up our group. 
We started out with a few rides but soon afterwards Jonny got sick so Karl took him back to the hotel and not 15 mins later, Kirsten gets sick so we all end up back at the hotel. Later Karl and I took Jacen and Alyssa back to get a few more rides in like Space Mountain (totally worth the hour wait in line), Buzz LightYear, Autopia and Pirates. That's the most rides that I got at least 'cause the next day I had to go back to the hotel in the morning. I wasn't feeling well myself and the day after that we had to take it easy 'cause Alyssa and I were still recovering from our illnesses. Karl, Hannah and Jacen were the only ones that didn't really get sick. I didn't get it too bad (no throwing up or the other end) but still missed a day. 

But even with the sickness and the crowds and additional costs that were paid, this trip definitely was memorable. We made some good memories and got to spend time together and got to spend time at Disneyland! Even just being there and soaking in the atmosphere with the friendly cast members waving(some of them being extremely attractive) and the smiles on peoples faces.....it's a great place to 'get away' from the 'real world'. :)  (and would be even better without the huge crowds.) ;)  

Here are a few of the pictures that I took on this trip. We really didn't get to take very many with all that happened but that makes these all the more special. :) I'll definitely have to go back again soon. ;) 
4/13/2010 10:33:37 am

Lucky you! How fun to go to Disneyland! Sorry that you weren't feeling well for awhile. But that just gives you an excuse to go back, right? hehe :) How long were you there?

Katie M.
4/15/2010 02:59:43 am

It was fun despite the sickness. We were gone for about a week. We were thinking of staying a bit longer but when we got sick we decided to come home early.


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