Well, I made it through my first 5K. It was fun to be able to do something together with my sisters and brother. I was afraid that it might rain but the weather turned out lovely and everyone had a good time.

The run was sponsored by the Orem city firefighters. It was fun to see all of the fire engines and ambulances all over the place. We had to take a pic in front of it. At the finish line, the firemen and others were there cheering us on. I had to concentrate on not tripping over my feet and falling flat on my face in front of everyone. How embarrassing would that be? haha  We're all getting ready for the freedom festival 5K on the 4th. "Run fer fun? What the heck kind of fun is that?" haha


06/27/2009 14:36

You did it! Good luck on the next run! :) I bet it's more fun with family than all alone.


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