It has been mentioned to me by a couple of people (you know who you are) that I haven't updated my blog/site in awhile. Too true, too true. So, in honor of the updating process, I have decided to share a few quirky thoughts even though it may seem like I'm just babbling. I guess I might be. haha

1. I spend a lot of my free time online looking for photoshop tutorials and playing around with them.

2. I enjoy watching the food network especially with those specials about where the top places for pizza or hot dogs are. Sounds silly but they're really fun to watch.

3. I'm just crazy about those good ol' variety shows. Carol Burnett, Dean Martin, the roasts.....dang those people were funny. Don Rickles, Jonathan Winters (his Maude Frickert is hilarious) Foster Brooks, Bob Newhart(just act natural...:P), Tim Conway making Harvey Corman laugh, etc.etc. I really could go on forever.

4. Speaking of the oldies yet goodies, I enjoy the great tv shows: The Dick Van Dyke Show, The Mary Tyler Moore Show (chuckles the clown dies.hahahahaha)  & The Bob Newhart Show, great stuff. I've got to say that my brother Kevin reminds me of Dick Van Dyke. Have you seen his old man impersonation? Too funny.

5. I love movies and I love to quote from them. The Bill Murrary classics: Ghostbusters 1 & 2, Man who knew too little & Groundhog's Day are just a few of the favorites that I love to quote. " Well, what if there is no tomorrow, there wasn't one today."

More coming....this is kind of fun.

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