It just makes me laugh that a day after I write a blog about the summer and SNOWS. I had to take some pics and just deal with the SLUSH. I don't mind rain or even snow when it's not covering the roads too badly but rain and snow combined.....Burrrrr! Soaks you straight to the bone. 
Pretty snow at the end of May!


05/25/2010 13:14

Yeah, who would of thought we'd get snow when summer is supposed to be around the corner? Looks like you got dumped on! We mostly had rain with a bit of snow, and it's all gone now. I wonder if it'll snow in mid July like it did many years wouldn't be too surprising for that to happen.

Kari Wendt
05/25/2010 18:50

Did you see the pics of the snow at our house? Kael was thrilled. He is hoping it will snow on his birthday. I am hoping that it will stay warm.


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