Sooo, after watching The Biggest Loser and getting motivated, I have decided to give the daily workouts a try. Emma and I have been working out with Bob and Jillian on the DVD's that have come out and we're working up a sweat. It actually feels really great. We've been following Kari's example and walking more as well. In fact, Emma and Kari are both trying to convince me to sign up and do the 5k fun run for Summerfest next month. I suppose that I will do it but I just hope that I won't be the last one to cross the finish line. We'll see what happens. Don't wanna end up like this guy here. ;0)



06/27/2009 14:38

That's a funny cartoon. Too bad it wouldn't work for my brother. He just lays on the floor and uses his toe to change the channel on the TV.


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