Recently, I have tried my hand at all things crafty and creative. I'm used to doing things on my computers which is great and wonderful but there's something about doing a project by hand.
I've found all sorts of cool and crafty blogs and sites that I've enjoyed looking around for ideas.
There's this one site called 'Our Best Bites' that I particularly enjoy browsing through. That's where I got the idea for this balloon wreath. I thought it was a cute and fun idea so I gave it a whirl. You basically stick a bunch of balloons in a straw wreath with floral pins. It took awhile but was pretty easy to do. :)

Another project that I tried out is I took one of the napkins from our wedding reception and used some mod podge to glue it on to a wooden frame. I painted the back and sides lavender and found some cute light blue ribbon that I'm still figuring out what to do with but maybe I can twist it around or something. :) It's a fun idea anyway. It was my first time really using mod podge and the napkin was thin so it looks kind of crummy but I'm planning on covering the edges anyway.  *sorry about some of the blurry pics. I didn't notice they were blurry until later*